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Hotel Property Management Software

V-Konnect PMS and V-Konnect RMS has been developed with the security and ease-of-use of a cash register, as well as the power and flexibility of the computer.

Our software development team closely monitor industry trends and advances in technology in order to provide easy-to–use products that feature the latest in technology.

We initiates a close relationship with all our customers, as we enable you to customize your    V-Konnect system to your specific needs and requests. The result is a user-friendly system that will cater to all your business needs in both the short and long term.

V-Konnect PMS

V-Konnect PMS is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties like the hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, small hotel franchisees, hostel and apartments. It has a whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of property management.

V-Konnect PMS is also beneficial to its users who can be a Director, General Manager, Front office or Reservation Manager in performing their duties efficiently as the software offers a wide range of modules to smoothen the operations process and also offers numerous reports to help them analyze  their work.

  1. Front Office Module
  • Hotel Status from the Main Screen
  • Guest Check-In Screen
  • Guest Check-Out Screen
  • Day Use Feature
  • Extra Charge posting and defining Extra Charge Package
  • Multi-currency settlement & print folio and bills
  • Meal plan to select on room
  • Guest Snaps with Web cam at check in & reservation
  • Flat Discount and various types of discount can be applied
  • Split Folio option to separate on extra charge and room tariff
  • Close folio option for guests opting for longer stay
  • Advance deposit and refund option
  • Direct Billing / City ledger and Folio Transfer options for settlement
  • Identify from the main screen if room is vacant or reserve or checked-in mode
  • Automatic folio routing of extra charges
  • Guest follow up option
  • Night Audit process with automated backup system and reports


  1. Reservation & Booking Management
  • Single Reservation and Group Reservation Option
  • Setup of Release Date and Time For Any Reservation and Booking
  • Option to Cancel or No Show Any Reservation Or Group Booking
  • Group Check In & Check Out
  • Printing of Guest Registration card In advance


  1. Back Office Module
  • Managing Miscellaneous Sales (Accounts Receivable)
  • Managing Expense (Account Payable)
  • Creation of City Ledger/ Direct Billing Company Account
  • Facility to print or email City ledger account
  • Create and categorize business source by creating market segment
  • User Profile Definition to Control Each Function & Report Access


  1. Guest Relationship Management
  • Guest Database and Guest History
  • Recording of Personal Details & Preference of Guest
  • Designing Guest Feedback Form & Recording Of Feedback
  • Stay in touch with guests via built in email system


  1. Laundry Management
  • Total Laundry Management
  • Manage in-house guest and hotel laundry
  • Direct charge or post to room facility


  1. Banquet Management
  • Booking and Reservation of Conference & Banquets
  • Planning invoicing and payment of conference packages


  1. Housekeeping Management
  • Create housekeeping tasks and schedule
  • Housekeeping view mode for efficient management


  1. Inventory Management
  • Indent Request by internal departments / cost centers
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Received Note and goods return
  • Opening Stock Entry
  • Physical Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Monitoring and Closing Stock report
  • Closing previous month store
  • Stock issues to Internal departments / cost centers


  1. Fitness Center Management
  • Membership registrations and billing
  • System pop-up the guest usage availability status in the fitness dashboard
  • Easy to manage membership payment, receipts and pending balance.
  • Easy to manage the direct walk-in guests and corporate guests with biometric registration.
  • Easy to track city ledger accounts
  • Reports Module
  • 100+ reports to cover every aspect
  • Detailed taxation report
  • Export report in different formats such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc.
  • Print &Preview